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4 Innovative Uses for Hemp in Textiles

NaturAll knows the hemp plant is useful for a host of surprising reasons, including CBD oil which can be found in our products. Did you know that hemp fabric and paper have been commonly used throughout history as an environmentally friendly and sustainable textile fiber? Although those are commonly found in farmers markets nationwide, these products take hemp use in textiles to the next level.

1. Boxer Shorts

One company turns hemp fibers into all natural undies! Hemp’s sustainability is a big reason the products are becoming so popular. Comfortable underwear that are also good for the environment seems like a win-win situation!

4 surprising uses for hemp in textiles

2. Handbags and Accessories

Hemp fibers can be used to make a huge variety of items including purses, backpacks, and wallets! The cloth can also be dyed to create attractive and diverse patterns, and largely resembles canvas and linens made from cotton, another popular natural fiber.

naturall kitchen hemp cbd revitalizing products

3. Shoes

You would think a hemp plant couldn’t be used for heavy duty items, but companies have offered vegan shoes made of hemp fiber for decades! The manufacturing procedures for each piece of the shoe differs greatly to create fabric portions and plastic-like portions for the bottoms and aglets. 

4. Sunglasses

Developed by designers in Scotland, Hemp Eyewear is a company that produces sunglasses using 100% sustainable ingredients including hemp. Not only are the glasses fashionable, they ship their products in a case made from hemp, as well.

hemp environmentally friendly versatile plant

As you can see, hemp is an incredibly environmentally friendly and versatile plant. Whether it is used  in hair products, clothing, or even sunglasses, NaturAll is proud to use such an amazing plant in our products!

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