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CBD: Beauty Industry’s Latest Superstar Ingredient

NaturAll Club is on a steadfast mission to provide innovative products with freshly made ingredients to produce the best results for your hair. In the past, we have launched products featuring hydrating avocado, strengthening flaxseed, and moisturizing tea tree oil. 

We are now working diligently to deliver the vast advantages of CBD oil in a way that is easy to use, and excellent for your hair care regimen. Our new Revitalizing Collection includes a combination of fresh avocado, natural oils, CBD oil, and hemp oil. Pack your hair with nutrients for revitalized, soft, moisturized, and shiny curls to last. 

CBD: Beauty Industry’s Latest Superstar Ingredient

Naturally occurring CBD has become such a hot topic in the health and beauty world in the last 5 years. The safe and non-addictive substance is one of over 100 “phytocannabinoids”, compounds found within cannabis plants that are unique to the cannabis plant. The CBD oil in our products makes for the perfect way to fortify and strengthen your hair. With amino acids making up the composition of a hair strand, we utilize them in our product formulas to improve blood circulation to the scalp and in turn, promote hair growth. 

The humectant properties of CBD oil also draws moisture into your hair and scalp to maintain a balanced and healthy scalp over time. In turn, a moisturized scalp is important to prevent build-up, flaking, irritation and inflammation. 

With our newest collection of CBD infused products, the ingredients are sure to make a big impression and shake up your hair routine!

For more information about CBD please visit our About CBD section here.

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