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Exploring the History of CBD

CBD’s buzzworthy status has been growing quickly over the past decade. New legislation regarding its legality across the nation has created an economic boom within the CBD market. NaturAll Kitchen is proud to present our CBD products, and provide an easy and affordable way to benefit from the years of research and political rallying that have gone into making CBD the buzzworthy ingredient it is today. 

Cannabis plants, and their derivatives have been grown and utilized by humans centuries. In many studies, researchers have determined the plant’s roots to be from Asia, with many crediting the first documented uses of cannabis-derived medicine to Chinese Emperor Shen Nung who may have ruled in 2737 BC, and often used a cannabis-infused tea to aid with a variety of ailments including memory, malaria, rheumatism, and gout.

exploring the history of cbd

As with most naturally derived remedies throughout history, word travels fast, and as such there is evidence of cannabis and hemp plants being grown across the Arabian Peninsula and in multiple West African countries throughout the continent’s pre-colonial history.  Hieroglyphologists have long suspected that the ancient Egyptians used hemp and cannabis plants for clothing and textiles, as well as for medicinal and recreational purposes extremely similar to those which we use today! Queen Victoria who ruled over Great Britain and Ireland was believed to have used CBD to alleviate menstrual cramps during her reign, which ended in 1901. 

Throughout human history, cannabis had served as a valuable therapeutic resource; however, during the rise of western modern medicine, it was not recognized by most in the medical community due to a lack of scientific evidence. This changed in 1839, when Irish physician and medical researcher, William B. O’Shaughnessy, was credited with publishing one of the first studies that investigated the therapeutic effects of the Cannabis plants.

exploring the history of cbd

European chemists continued to expound upon his findings and nearly a century after the O’Shaughnessy study, British chemist Robert S. Cahn identified the chemical structure of Cannabinol 1940. This research opened the floodgates for CBD research, and just two years later, Roger Adams, an American chemist, made history when he was able to isolate the first cannabinoid, leading to the discovery of Tetrahydrocannabinol, commonly known as “THC”.

Research continued to progress, with hundreds of studies taking place and leading to an explosion of interest across the United States throughout the late 1900’s. In 1996, California passed Proposition 215, making it the first state to legalize medical marijuana which led us to where we are now! As more and more states continue to pass legislation in support of CBD and cannabis, and research and studies continue to be conducted, we look forward to new discoveries within the world of CBD!

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