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Juneteenth Celebration: Free Your Curls with NaturAll Club

As a Black woman-owned business, cherishing and uplifting our community comes foremost in everything we do at NaturAll Club. This Juneteenth, we’re excited to celebrate the historic Juneteenth holiday with you all! In these trying times, we revel in the revolution of black joy, and encourage everyone to participate on June 19th! Our corporate office has deemed the day a paid holiday to give our diverse staff time to enjoy it. We’re also holding a Juneteenth sale to pass savings and celebration onto our customers as well! 

Juneteenth is known as the oldest celebration of the ending of chattel slavery in the United States. On January 1, 1863 President Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation became official and freed those who had been enslaved. While it was a monumental change for the South, the news didn’t spread as quickly as one would hope. Unfortunately, due to the small number of Union soldiers on the ground in the southern most portions of the US, it took over 2 and a half years for the new legislation to be enforced. It wasn’t until June 19th , 1865 that Union soldiers arrived in Galveston, Texas to share the news that the war had ended and that people who were enslaved were now free. This is why “Freedom Day”, “Emancipation Day”, and the colloquial “Juneteenth” have been considered worthy of great celebration as the previously enslaved were able to set off on their own journeys with their new freedom!

juneteenth celebration naturallclub

We encourage everyone to remember their history this Juneteenth, and revel in the freedoms we do have-be it our music, food, or even our hair! Our all natural and non-toxic products are perfect for achieving a variety of natural hair styles. A wash and go is perfect for the summer weather, and a great way to embrace your curls.

Free your hair, style how you want, and always remember to be deliciously you! NaturAll Club invites you to join in on the celebration, and make time to remember the past as we work toward a better future.



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