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NaturAll Club Recap: Hair Density and Deep Conditioning Tips

All you NaturAll Kitchen lovers missed a pretty informative week over at NaturAll Club. We went over two basic concepts that every natural should be familiar and aware of, as it will help your journey in either transitioning to being natural or maintaining your coily crown.

Everyone by now has heard the term “hair type” over and over again. But did you know that’s the least helpful factor in determining what you should be doing to care for your hair? Hair density is one of the few most important factors to be aware of when it comes to your hair. Learn more about how to figure out your density and what that means for your hair so you can create a routine perfect for your hair!

Along with knowing the different traits of your hair, one key ingredient to happy and healthy curls is deep conditioning! We swear by it here at NaturAll and emphasize its importance in fostering healthy hair and healthy growth. Check out how to deep condition along with some tips from us so you can incorporate it into your routine if you already haven’t.

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