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NaturAll Club Recap: Hygral Fatigue and Scalp Care

Hi Naturalistas! We at NaturAll Club hope you’re having a great week. Over at NaturAll, we’ve been discussing all things having to do with keeping your head healthy. 

As of now, we’re sure you’ve all heard the key to healthy hair is moisture. Maintaining and retaining are top priority for anyone looking to keep their hair healthy and able to retain length. But did you know even moisture can be too much of a good thing? Check out our blog on how too much moisture can actually be damaging to your crown or curls.

Even though moisture can help the hair from breaking off, growth actually comes down to the condition of your scalp. An unhealthy scalp stunts growth and makes it nearly impossible for new growth to foster. Find out how to care for your scalp in order to promote growth and prevent further breakage!

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