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NaturAll Newsletter: 5 Ways to Rehydrate Naturally Dry Hair and Why You NEED to Be Deep Conditioning

This week at NaturAll Club was all about hydration! To have great hair, you need to keep your hydrated and moisturized so it stays happy and healthy. If your hair is just naturally dry no matter what you do, then we have some great tips to combat that! Most of the time, dry hair isn’t even your fault, it’s just the climate around you that contributes to the way your natural hair is. If this is the case for you, then you should really try the LOC method! It is simple and easy and we even have a bundle to get you started off right to beautifully hydrated hair. To find other tips on how to hydrate your hair can find them in our newest blog.

Since you finally have your natural hair hydrated, it’s time to lock in the moisture! A great way to keep hair moisturized is by regularly using a deep conditioner. It’s recommended to deep condition twice a month but if your hair is drier than usual or damaged from heat and chemical changes then you should use a deep conditioner more often. Like once or even twice a week more often until your natural hair is nursed back to health. If you want to learn more on the importance of deep conditioning and why you should be regularly doing it, check out our blog all about deep conditioner.

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