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NaturAll Newsletter: 5 Ways to Wear Braids and The Science Behind Hair Growth

Hello, NaturAllistas! We missed you here at NaturAll Club last week and are happy to be back with some more information for you!

If you have a little girl running around at home with more energy than you can keep up with, the bad news is, we can’t get them to calm down, but the good news is that we know the perfect braided hairstyles that will keep up through all of their playtime. Braided updos, cornrows (with beads of course), and fauxhawks are amongst some of the best hairstyles for your little girl. Come over to NaturAll Club’s website to learn more about the braided hairstyles you can do for your little one.

As many of you know, braided hairstyles are a great way to grow out your natural hair but if you ever wanted to know the actual science behind hair growth, we explain all about it in our most recent blog. Learn about the hair growth cycle, retention vs. growth, and more about how to grow out your hair today.

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