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NaturAll Newsletter: Do You Do This Crucial Step To Prevent Build-Up? and 5 Stunning Styles to Braid Your Natural Hair

Hello all, from all of us at NaturAll Club! We truly hope this week is a breath of fresh air as we look back on what happened in our blogs last week! Be sure to check out the links to last week's blogs for even more information!

We all know that hair build is the worst and sometimes it can feel impossible to remove all the junk out of your head. That’s why we at NaturAll created these all natural products to eliminate all that disgusting build-up that other products can leave you with. Our all natural ingredients for hair care products that even have to be stored in the freezer are the best option for your hair! To help remove some of this build-up that may be dulling out your hair, use a clarifying shampoo. Section out your hair so it can make getting residue removal from certain parts of your hair a lot easier and get your hair back on track to happy, bright, and full of life. Check even more hacks to purify your hair.

Now that you have your hair all cleaned out, it’s time for styling! If you are someone who loves protective hairstyles and just can’t stay away from installing braids, then we have the perfect five hairstyles for you to try next! From the classic flower crown, to some Beyonce lemonade braids, and ending with cornrows in buns, we have curated the best protective hairstyles for you! They are great if you’re on the run, going into the office, or just having a sip of wine while at home. Find the link to all five hairstyles and how to achieve them

Let us know how you prevent build-up or leave a picture below to show off your amazing new hairstyles! Please ask us any questions and we’ll be happy to answer them in our upcoming blogs. 

 cornrow bun

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