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NaturAll Newsletter: How Ofter Should I Wash My Natural Hair? and Benefits of Finger Coils and How to Get Them

Hi to all my NaturAll Kitchen enthusiasts out there! We truly hope you had another wonderful week and are ready to review what happened last week, here at NaturAll Club! 

First, we have to discuss washing our natural hair! It can be a tiring task of finding a perfect schedule to clean your hair and let’s be real, wash day can just be a tiring task in general. No worries though, we at NaturAll reviewed all the information out there and consolidated it into one nice blog. You can find out how often to wash your natural hair, products to use, and best practices about keeping your natural hair clean and healthy without stripping your hair from all of the good stuff. Learn what may be causing a buildup, what steps to do for wash day, and how often to clean your natural hair!

benefits of finger coils and how to get and maintain them

So you washed your natural hair and figured out the perfect schedule to clean your hair, now what should you do with all that amazingly clean natural hair? Well, we have just the right new hairstyle for you...finger coils! They are fun styles to change your hairstyle and put a little extra volume into your natural hair. Find out all the benefits of finger coils and how to get and maintain them for your newest hairstyle.

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