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NaturAll Newsletter: Transitioning to Natural Hair and Regrowing Edges

Good morning and happy Monday, NaturAllistas! I hope you had an incredibly relaxing and needed weekend! Today we have an incredibly special set of NaturAll blogs for you, especially if you are looking for ways to make your hair thicker and healthier.

Natural hair care is the reason that NaturAll exists. Our Founder and CEO Muhga desired to create natural, chemical free, and effective products for use on natural hair. Today, our products can be great for all hair types whether chemically treated or not, but if you’re looking to begin your natural hair journey then look no further than this guide for transitioning your hair! 

how to transition to natural hair naturall

In this blog we'll go over everything, from what it really means to go natural to chatting about the "big chop" to recommending a ton of helpful suggestions to guide you along your hair journey.

Our Strengthening Jamaican Black Castor Oil Growth Serum Collection is still fresh and we have been receiving a lot of questions about how our Growth Serums actually work. NaturAll’s Jamaican Black Castor Oil Collection is well-known for many features including its fresh formula that increases shine, improves manageability, and reduces flaking and breakage. But most importantly, our readers want to know if these newest launches can help regrow edges! 

regrowing edges natural hair

While there is no secret formula that can magically perfect your edges, with patience, a consistent routine, and the right habits and products - you can definitely begin to restore your hairline. Click here for a deep dive into everything you need to know!

How was your experience transitioning to natural hair? Have you ever tried on our Jamaican Black Castor Oil Growth Serums? Let us know your experience below! We look forward to being a part of your hair growth journey and would love to hear more success stories and tips in the comments section! Until next time, don’t forget to Be Deliciously You!

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