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NaturAll Recap: Curl Patterns, Reducing Hair Breakage, Protective Styles, and More

Hi Naturalistas, we hope you’ve been having a good June so far! We covered a lot of bases last week over at NaturAll Club, so there’s definitely one or two readings you’re bound to find helpful!

If you don’t know already, we at NaturAll love avocados. They are rich in protein and nutrients not only for the body, but the hair as well! Some of our products contain avocado themselves, and most contain avocado oil. Check out why avocado oil is so beneficial to natural hair for a deeper dive into this super ingredient!

A big thing most Naturals obsess over is curl type. Is it kinky? Or maybe curly? Most will find there are various curl patterns on their head, depending on the section they’re inspecting. Looking into what curl patterns are and how important (or non-important) they are in caring for your hair is helpful information to have on hand.

The use of oil in the natural hair community is a hot topic. Different naturals will express their love for oils, while others will explain to you their disdain for using it on the hair. If you’re of the former group, check out how the potent oil of Tea Tree can be used for your natural hair. 

It’s a very prevalent myth throughout society, and even within our own community, that black hair does not grow as quickly as those of other races. In reality, our hair grows just like anyone else’s, we are just more prone to breakage. Reducing breakage is key to not only retaining length, but maintaining physically healthy and strong hair.

Are you suffering from excessive shedding or a medical condition that contributes to hair loss? Don’t be discouraged! There are many ways for you to combat this and help your hair remain as healthy as possible!

If your hair is weak and limp, you may be experiencing a lack of protein. Protein treatments have always been a hot topic in the community, and have been advertised as a sort of “fix all” to those experiencing chronic breakage. There are some important things to know about protein treatments before deciding if you should get one!

A great way to mitigate any shedding or excessive breakage is to just stop touching your hair! Low manipulation, protective styles are a go to when you don’t want to put too much stress on your hair. Understanding what they are as well as what they do and do not provide can help you choose which style is right for you, if any at all!

Are you confident in your hair care regime, but draw a blank when it comes to your little ones? Not to worry! Knowing how to care for your kids' hair will not only benefit their hair’s health in the future, but also will instill in them a sense of ease when it’s time for them to take over their own crown!

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