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NaturAll Recap: Fro Hacks, Roller Set Guide, and Loc Care

Hey Naturalistas! Long time no see. We’ve been keeping it light over at NaturAll Club and have a few readings for you to catch up on.

No natural style will ever be more classic than the statement-making Afro. With it being the forerunner in the natural hair movement, it’s a style that every natural would look great rocking! Have you ever wanted to try a fro but didn’t know how? Here are a few hacks to help you get started.

Are you looking for a style that’s more focused on stretch than fluff, but still want your natural curls to be highlighted? Roller sets are a great way to stretch the hair without heat, allowing you to achieve salon-like curls without the blowing, straightening, or curling!

Or do you have the urge to finally give in and loc your hair like everyone else on social media is doing? We say go for it! Knowing how to care for locs before you get them will not only help you decide if it’s a commitment you want to make, but it also will make the process of maintaining them easier if you do get them!

Even though the holiday has passed, here’s a quick little brush up on Juneteenth and what it means to us as a black-owned business.

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