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NaturAll Recap: Locs, Hair Loss, and Sea Moss

Hey Naturalistas! We hope you’ve been having a great July so far. With this month wrapping up, summer is quickly coming to an end. As we prepare for the season ahead of us to come to a close and get ready for the next one to come, it’s important we continue to focus on maintaining the health of our hair! 

Is the colder months getting closer and closer inspiring you to finally take the leap into getting locs? Taking time to understand how to make locs thrive is an easy way to reduce any stress or overwhelming feelings surrounding the style. 

Has hair loss prevented you from trying out styles you want, like locs or protective braids? Persistent hair loss due to alopecia can really seem like a dead end; but, there are plenty of remedies you can try to mitigate hair loss and promote a healthy environment for your hair to grow in!

Do you find that hair loss isn’t an issue, but hair growth is? Check to see if Sea Moss is an ingredient worth working into your routine. This rich ingredient just may be something that stimulates your hair’s growth!

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