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NaturAll Recap: Ponytails, Afros, and Tips for Athletes

We at NaturAll hope you all had a terrific May! As spring comes to a close, we’d hope that you’ve started planning on how to make the summer months just as great. With warmer weather comes new routines, whether it’s getting outside more or changing up your hair routine, as the changing of seasons normally calls for. We invite you to take a look at how we’ve been preparing over at NaturAll Club…

Protective styles are great for any extreme weather condition, especially if you’re dealing with dry heat. Ponytails are a great style as they’re low manipulation and can be altered to suit anyone, no matter the length of your hair. Check out our 5 favorite, effortless ponytails for some inspiration!

Are you someone who’s interested in letting their hair breathe this Summer? A classic Afro would be a good look for you! We can guide you through how to start rocking a healthy fro with products from our line!

Looking to stay active? A lot of naturals are deterred from this because of the assumption that caring for their hair will be more difficult. We can guide you through how to care for your hair while maintaining an active lifestyle if this is a worry of yours!

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