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NaturAll’s Revitalizing CBD Collection vs. The Signature Avocado Collection

NaturAll works diligently to deliver the vast advantages of new ingredients in a way that is easy and convenient to use. A great example of this is our range of Fresh Avocado Deep Conditioner and Treatments. By formulating them to suit specific hair concerns, we try to make it easy to choose which version would work best for your hair. Here’s a guide to our offerings, and how they might benefit your hair best. 

naturall deep conditioner

This fan favorite, the Original Dry Ice Dream Treatment with Lavender, is one our best selling formulations because it targets a very common issue. It is specially made to treat dry and brittle hair and deliver softer and easier to manage tresses in the end. 

The CBD products available on NaturAllkitchen.com differ in featured ingredients, but utilize the same protein rich fresh avocado base. With the formula enhanced with CBD oil, you’re able to experience the vast benefits of broad spectrum CBD in a way that is simple and excellent for your hair care regimen. The CBD oil fortifies and strengthens your hair while the naturally occurring amino acids assist in improving blood circulation to the scalp and in turn, promoting hair growth. 

cbd revitalizing deep conditioner

The humectant properties of CBD also help to draw moisture into your hair and scalp to maintain a balanced and healthy scalp over time. This is key to preventing build-up, flaking, irritation and inflammation on the scalp. 

wheat argan deep conditioner

The Repairing Wheat & Argan Oil Ice Cream Treatment combines argan oil and wheat protein to deeply penetrate the hair strand and deliver antioxidants into the core of the hair strand. This helps to replenish your hair follicles and repair damage caused by heat, color, and chemicals.

moisturizing deep conditioner

NaturAll’s Curl Defining Flaxseed & Acai Ice Cream Treatment includes two superfoods that work to improve your hair’s moisture retention, and prevent frizz. The blend of ingredients gives your curls the extra strength they need to remain protected from damage to produce elongated and defined coils you’ll love!

All of these treatments are formulated to work with any hair type, and suit your specific concerns. Add them to your wash routine and you’ll definitely notice a difference! Try them all, or stick with your favorite to accompany you on the journey to healthy natural hair.

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