A note on why launching our Revitalizing CBD line is bigger than all of us...

NaturAll Kitchen has pledged to donate a portion of each sale from our new CBD hair product collection to the Bail Project, a non-profit organization that helps post bail for individuals arrested for nonviolent crimes like marijuana possession.

The legal CBD and marijuana product market is predicted to generate over $17B in revenue by 2030, making it one of America's fastest-growing industries. While the now booming CBD industry is raking in more profits than ever, diversity remains an ongoing issue - who profits as as much of a civil rights question as who gets punished.

Minorities account for only 10% of the founders in this new marketplace space. Studies have shown that although marijuana use is roughly equal across racial lines, Black people are almost 4 times more likely to be arrested for marijuana possession.

Research depicts that it is more difficult for minorities to break into the marijuana and CBD industry. Barriers to entry include high start-up expenses, legality issues, supply chain limitations, and an assortment of FDA regulations. To put it into perspective, our team at NaturAll Kitchen had to work on fresh and authentic CBD products for an entire year to ensure compliance.

With so many barriers to creating our own business within the industry, large corporations continue to profit off the exploding CBD market while our own community is still disproportionately incarcerated for it.

As a business selling CBD products, we assume responsibility for shedding light on the injustices within the industry and providing support to our affected community members. We hope this will serve as a call to action for all other companies within the field to pursue justice for players who have been sorely affected by the one-sided jurisdiction that has plagued our communities for so long.